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1221 E Madison St
Seattle WA 98122

Email: mark@ponyseattle.com

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Seattle’s most popular gay dive bar is a tribute to the great West Village and Castro bars of the 1970s. One of the very few stand-alone bars on Capitol Hill, Pony occupies a 1930s-vintage gas station building that has been transformed into a beloved hangout.

We have a large west-facing patio that’s open all year around thanks to a retractable roof and a gas fire pit. Check out the calendar for our weekly, monthly, and one-off parties. Depending on the night, you’ll find our featured DJs spinning favorites from the discerning homo’s favorite genres: punk rock, disco, new wave, and indie rock.

Halloween Night at Pony

Halloween Night at Pony


In early 2009, the decision was made to resurrect the original Pony, which stood at 506 E Pine St until the entire block was demolished at the end of 2007 (The Stranger perfectly distilled it’s raison-d’être as “Everybody’s favorite limited-time-only trashy gay disco.”) The desire to find an older building with real grit and character guided the search for a new location, and ultimately the building at 1221 E Madison St was chosen. As an added bonus, the building did not occupy the entire site, which allowed for the construction of a deck. As anyone who lives in Seattle knows, outdoor drinking spaces are few and far between.

After just three months of intensive construction, Pony opened to our most loyal fans on September 2, 2009. You can see the photos from our opening night here and here. It was an amazing grand reopening, full of trash and utterly devoid of class, never to be forgotten!

Ever since, we have continued the legendary Pony legacy, attracting positive press from all who visit, notably:

“If you haven’t been to Pony, the coolest (and perhaps the smallest) gay bar in the country, then you are missing out.”

– The Advocate, January 2011

“The gays know how to have fun: They know it, you know it, I know it, and Pony is more fun per inch than anywhere in town, if not the world.”

– The Stranger

“People having so much fun, it was kind of scary.”

– The Stranger, September 2009